Prof. Maria Jaczynowska – wybitna badaczka świata starożytnego

Szymon Olszaniec, Przemysław Wojciechowski, Marcin Pawlak



Professor Maria Jaczynowska – the eminent historian
of Ancient World

The article is a profile of Professor Maria Jaczynowska (1928–2008), one of the most outstanding Polish historians of Antiquity. It includes an outline of the personal and academic life of the Professor and a more in-depth analysis of her achievements in the field of epigraphic research. It also presents her as an author of academic textbooks, which were very popular with students for many decades. Professor Jaczynowska, who graduated from the University of Warsaw, was associated with the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń for most of her professional life. It was here that she built, from the ground up, the Department of Ancient History in the Institute of History and Archival Sciences. Her research interests were varied and included such problems as the social history of the Roman Republic and the early Empire, organisations gathering Roman youths, and Roman religions. Many of her articles were published in the most prestigious European history magazines. Les associations de la jeunesse romaine sous le Haut-Empire (1978), Le culte de l’Hercule romain au temps du Haut-Empire,ANRW II 17. 1 (1981), and Religie świata rzymskiego (1987, 1990) are among her most quoted works. The article was written for the sixth anniversary of Professor Jaczynowska’s death.

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