Ofiara i rytuał w religii rzymskiej we współczesnych badaniach. Rekonesans

Andrzej Gillmeister

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2014.045


Sacrifice and ritual in contemporary studies
on Roman religion. Some remarks

This article is devoted to the analysis of the contemporary theories on the role of sacrifice and ritual in Roman religion. After the short discussion of the great sacrificial theories of Walter Burkert, so-called École de Paris (Paul Veyne, Marcel Detienne) and René Girard, the author devotes his attention to the contemporary point of view on the title issue. He tries to grab the changes in the understanding of the problem in the last twenty years. The author concludes that in the present scientific literature we can observe a clear shift in the current paradigm. In the centre of Roman religion the sacrifice existed in various forms, not only in bloody ones as it has been thought hitherto.

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