Kult Mitry w Cesarstwie Rzymskim. Dotychczasowe badania, nowe odkrycia i interpretacje

Anna Tatarkiewicz

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/KLIO.2014.048


Mithraic Mysteries in the Roman Empire. Research
so far carried out, new findings and interpretations

Mithraic Mysteries are until today one of the greatest mysteries of antiquity for the historians dealing with the history of the Roman religion. The mystery still remains partly unsolved regardless of the fact that a thorough research has been conducted for over a century now. This extraordinary cult with difficult to trace beginnings was spreading in the first centuries of our era throughout the whole territory of the Roman Empire until the time when its fate was irreversibly determined by the decisions and actions of Theodosius who categorically condemned non-Christian practices. First and foremost, Mithraism has become a subject of greatly intensified scientific studies conducted on a global scale. An unquestionable influence has a substantial increase of new data, especially archeological research. How interesting this cult has become is clearly shown by recent serious studies whose authors create and propose new trends in the exploration process of this subject.

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