Can you see me? Do you respond to my needs? The presence of strokes in the relationship of teachers and students. The pupils’ perspective

Adrianna Sarnat-Ciastko



School can be describe in numerous ways. One of them are the well-known PISA surveys prepared by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which focus on reading, text interpreting, mathematical and scientific skills of 15-year-old teens. This kind of research activity is not surprising in the post-industrial world. Measuring pupils’ knowledge is valuable because knowledge is the key to their better lives, better jobs, better opportunities. However, from pedagogical perspective there is the other side of this coin – the human nature. The atmosphere at school, good relations, personal development, creativity, the sense of security etc., can change both pupils’ and teachers’ lives. The author of this paper shows that personal teaching (tutoring) can be an interesting option for public schools in Poland. She proves that the quality of this kind of contact gives schools better educational tools. What is important – the basis which allowed to draw such conclusions is research based on the concept of transactional analysis, especially the stroke theory.


Educational transactional analysis, stroke theory, relationship between teacher and pupil

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