Shamming helpful actions for the handicapped

Marzenna Zaorska



Specialised actions realised for handicapped people can be analysed in many different aspects and dimensions. They do not only apply to the structure, aim, content, addressee, methods, forms, means and conditions of conducting multi-frequency and interdisciplinary support to a handicapped person, but also highly important elements of that person’s own evaluation and effectiveness. The effectiveness of special help aimed at the handicapped validates itself in that person achieving self-reliance, social and individual maturity, high quality of life in all periods of personal development and self-fulfilment. The highlighted effectiveness consists of many factors that are rooted both in the handicapped person’s personality and environment. These factors can help, but they can also hinder achieving the goals that have been set. One of the factors that hinder the process of aiding a handicapped person is the phenomenon of shamming  specialised help, which can be present both in the behaviour of specialists, people from the handicapped person’s environment and in the system, concept, and legal solutions. Consequently, the article elaborates on the selected problems related to shamming common social activity addressed to people experiencing the consequences of disability, which is understood in basic categories, that is without going into specifics of a particular type of disability.


shamming, disability, handicapped person, special pedagogy, helpful actions towards disabled people, education, rehabilitation, development aid

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