Specifying Quality Framework for Early Care and Education

Elżbieta Wieczór

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/PBE.2014.026


The article concerns the issue of early care, upbringing and education of children. They is important and timeless subjects in the context of social, demographic and educational changes. Basing on literature and research reports, the article analyses systems of early care and education in Poland and around the world. Early childhood education was recognised as priority, the emphasis was placed on high quality care and education, which requires
provision of financial resources, skilled workforce, good quality programs. This involves, above all, change in thinking of services for the age group of 0–3 years. A systemic integrated approach to the care and education of the youngest children is the determinant of quality; care,
upbringing and education must be seen as a whole to provide the highest quality of service.


child, (early) care, upbringing and education, nursery, kindergarten, guardian, parents, quality, standards

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