Research on Teachers Functioning in Particular Ego States – an Example of an Attempt to Combine Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

Anna Pierzchała



The article refers to the concept of transactional analysis, one of modern branches of psychology appreciated not only by psychologists. In consequence, it is applied in different
areas of life, such as education. The article explains the notion of “ego state” and the personality structure as defined in the approach in question. There is also a presentation of several egograms constructed in the past, which are used to measure how particular ego states are cathected. They are also used in therapy and research. Moreover, the author presents an egogram for measuring the activation of each ego state in the second order structure. The tool has been used in a number of studies conducted in the area of education, including pedeutology. The author, however, indicates the necessity of results verification through qualitative analysis in such studies.


educational transactional analysis, ego states, the second-order structural model, egogram, quantitative and qualitative approaches in research

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